What is a Bi Fold Door?

A modern addition to the home, bi fold doors are designed to fully open up in your living area and are a very versatile option for any home.

Combining functionality with thermal performance, a bi fold can act as the perfect room divider between the home and the garden, opening smoothly and effortlessly concertina style.

Made with more glass and slim sightlines, our bi fold doors offer the room masses of natural light and superb panoramic views of your garden.

Available in double or triple glazing, they will aid in the transfer of heat. Keeping the home warm during the winter months and cooler during the hot, summer days.

Energy Efficient

With a choice of double or triple glazing, combined with sophisticated weather tight seals, our bi fold doors can aid in lowering those monthly bills by retaining the heat within the home longer and can achieve lower U-values.

Easy Operation

Our bi fold doors are manufactured using high quality aluminium, resulting in a door that’s lightweight but also robust. This ensures that the homeowner has ease of use with its exceptional smooth sliding mechanism.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to precision driven engineering, our bi fold doors retain their shape, barely contracting or expanding and complete with an impeccable powder finish, this removes the need for periodic painting and demanding maintenance.

Complete Customisation

Our bi fold doors can be tailored with your design preferences in mind. Everything from the colour of the frames to even the decorative glazing can be altered to perfectly match the rest of the home.

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The Perks of Aluminium

There are many perks to having a bi fold door made out of aluminium. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, coming with slimmer sightlines and are lightweight, they’re built to be robust and strong too.


They’re able to withstand plenty of blunt hits without the frames snapping or even bending. Due to their strength, this not only makes them ideal for homeowners but also commercial properties too!

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About Ridgwell Windows

Based in Farnham Common, Ridgwell Windows are a long established business within the Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire area, installing a stunning range of bi fold doors that are currently on the market.


Recommended locally, we will only source our bi folding doors from trusted suppliers, Origin, to bring our customers a high quality product that is low maintenance, offers exceptional insulation whilst also being stylish but secure.

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What is the life expectancy of my bi fold door?

When you choose to install an aluminium bi fold door to your home, you’ll be investing in a unit that will last for a prolonged period of time. As a rule of thumb, and when proper care is applied, the average life expectancy is up to 45 years.

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