What is a Flush Casement Window?

Unlike a regular casement unit, where the profile is lipped and will slightly protrude, a flush casement window will sit flush within the profile and offer classic elegance for the home.

Suitable for both newer and older properties, flush casement windows will give the home a more traditional style, matching perfectly against older properties as well as contemporary ones.

Available in either cost effective uPVC or sturdy aluminium, our flush casement windows are highly flexible and can be tailored in a range of colours and styles to suit your design preferences.

Energy Efficient

Our range of flush casement windows can offer exceptional energy efficiency all year round, ensuring that your home retains the heat for longer and can help lower those monthly bills.

Flush Finish

Unlike a standard window, our many styles of flush casement windows will comfortably sit flat against the wall and look seamless against your Buckinghamshire property.

Colour Options

We can offer various colour options and woodgrain finishes for your flush casement window, with an option for a completely different colour on the inside too.

Complete Customisation

No matter the home, our range of flush casement windows can be designed to match your current fittings and aesthetics. With a choice of style, colour and even glazing options, these can be tailored to suit any budget and preferences.

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Flush Casement Windows, Chartwell Green, Berkshire

Differences Between Aluminium and uPVC

uPVC is the more popular option for homeowners throughout the UK. Seen as the more budget friendly option, they’re ideal for homeowners who might be on a stricter budget but desire something that is long lasting and can keep the home warm and safe.


Aluminium on the other hand will have a higher price point initially but will require little upkeep. They’re also built strong and robust, able to withstand blunt attacks without bending or smashing, making them perfect for commercial buildings. They’re also environmentally friendly and can be recycled indefinitely.

Quality Flush Casement Windows Berkshire, Buckinghamshire

About Ridgwell Windows

Based in Farnham Common, Ridgwell Windows are a long established business within Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. We install flush casement windows that are made with high quality uPVC and aluminium that’s currently on the market.


Recommended locally, we only source our flush casement windows from known suppliers, Glazerite and Origin and ensure that you have a product that will deliver exceptional insulating properties throughout your home whilst also looking stylish.

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Are flush casement more expensive than regular casement windows?

Compared to standard casement windows, a flush unit will come with a higher price tag. However, if you want to know more about our pricings, call us today to book your free quotation with us.

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